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Flag of China Shenzhen is a city in China. The National flag of China is displayed on the side.

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The geographical location of Shenzhen helps us locate it using navigation systems (like GPS) using it's latitude and longitude coordinates. Here are the loation coordinates of Shenzhen:
Location of Shenzhen22°33′N 114°06′E

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  • The time zone of Shenzhen (China) is GMT+8

Time in Shenzhen, China:

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 Thursday, 13 June 2024

Information about Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen ([ʂə́n.ʈʂə̂n] (About this sound listen)), also called Sham Chun in English (a Cantonese-based romanisation), is a major city in Guangdong Province, China, which forms part of the Pearl River Delta megalopolis north of Hong Kong. It holds sub-provincial administrative status, with powers slightly less than a province.
Shenzhen was once a market town of 30,000[7][better source needed] on the Kowloon–Canton Railway. In 1979, Shenzhen was promoted to city-status and in 1980 designated China's first Special Economic Zone.[7] Shenzhen's population in 2017 is estimated to be at 12,905,000.[8] Shenzhen was one of the fastest-growing cities in the world in the 1990s and the 2000s.[9]
Shenzhen's modern cityscape is the result of its vibrant economy made possible by rapid foreign investment since the institution of the policy of "reform and opening" in 1979.[10] The city is a leading global technology hub, dubbed the next Silicon Valley.[11][12][13]
Shenzhen is home to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange as well as the headquarters of numerous multinational companies such as JXD, Vanke, Hytera, CIMC, Shenzhen Airlines, Nepstar, Hasee, Ping An Bank, Ping An Insurance, China Merchants Bank, Tencent, ZTE, Huawei and BYD.[14] Shenzhen ranks 22nd in the 2017 Global Financial Centres Index.[15] It also has one of the busiest container ports in the world.[16]

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