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Italy - National Flag:

Flag of Italy Milano is a city in Italy. The National flag of Italy is displayed on the side.

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Location of Milano

The geographical location of Milano helps us locate it using navigation systems (like GPS) using it's latitude and longitude coordinates. Here are the loation coordinates of Milano:
Location of Milano45°28′N 09°11′E

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Milano - Time Zone:

  • The time zone of Milano (Italy) is GMT+2

Time in Milano, Italy:

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 Sunday, 3 March 2024

Information about Milano, Italy

Milan (/mɪˈlæn, -ˈlɑːn/;[3] Italian: Milano [miˈlaːno] (About this sound listen); Lombard: Milan [miˈlãː] (Milanese variant))[4][5] is a city in northern Italy, capital of Lombardy, and the second-most populous city in Italy after Rome, with the city proper having a population of 1,368,549 while its province-level municipality has a population of 3,238,161.[6] Its continuously built-up urban area (that stretches beyond the boundaries of the Metropolitan City of Milan) has a population estimated to be about 5,270,000 over 1,891 square kilometres (730 square miles),[7] ranking 4th[clarification needed] in the European Union. The wider Milan metropolitan area, known as Greater Milan, is a polycentric metropolitan region that extends over central Lombardy and eastern Piedmont and which counts an estimated total population of 7.5 million, making it by far the largest metropolitan area in Italy.[8][9][10][11][12] Milan served as capital of the Western Roman Empire from 286 to 402 and the Duchy of Milan during the middle and early modern age.[citation needed]
Milan is considered a leading alpha global city,[13] with strengths in the field of the art, commerce, design, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, healthcare, media, services, research and tourism. Its business district hosts Italy's Stock Exchange and the headquarters of national and international banks and companies. In terms of GDP, it has the third-largest economy among European cities after Paris and London, but the fastest in growth among the three, and is the wealthiest among European non-capital cities.[14][15] Milan is considered part of the Blue Banana and one of the "Four Motors for Europe."
The city has been recognized as the world’s fashion capital and the world's design capital,[16] thanks to several international events and fairs, including Milan Fashion Week and the Milan Furniture Fair, which are currently among the world's biggest in terms of revenue, visitors and growth.[17][18][19] It hosted the Universal Exposition in 1906 and 2015. The city hosts numerous cultural institutions, academies and universities, with 11% of the national total enrolled students.[20] Milan is the destination of 8 million overseas visitors every year, attracted by its museums and art galleries that boast some of the most important collections in the world, including major works by Leonardo da Vinci. The city is served by a large number of luxury hotels and is the fifth-most starred in the world by Michelin Guide.[21] The city is home to two of Europe's most successful football teams, A.C. Milan and F.C. Internazionale, and one of Italy's main basketball teams, Olimpia Milano.

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