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Flag of Russia Kaliningrad is a city in Russia. The National flag of Russia is displayed on the side.

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The geographical location of Kaliningrad helps us locate it using navigation systems (like GPS) using it's latitude and longitude coordinates. Here are the loation coordinates of Kaliningrad:
Location of Kaliningrad54°42′01″N 20°27′11″E

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 Thursday, 13 June 2024

Information about Kaliningrad, Russia

Kaliningrad (Russian: Калининград, IPA: [kəlʲɪnʲɪnˈɡrat]) is a city in the administrative centre of Kaliningrad Oblast, a Russian exclave between Poland and Lithuania on the Baltic Sea.
In the Middle Ages, it was the site of Old Prussian settlement Twangste. In 1255, during the Northern Crusades, a new fortress was built by the Teutonic Knights. The city became the capital of the Duchy of Prussia and East Prussia, Germany. It was heavily damaged during World War II and its population fled or were removed by force when it became a Russian city. At the 2010 Census, its population was 431,902.[8]

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