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Flag of Thailand Railay Beach is a city in Thailand. The National flag of Thailand is displayed on the side.

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Location of Railay Beach8°0′38″N 98°50′22″E

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Time in Railay Beach, Thailand:

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 Saturday, 2 March 2024

Information about Railay Beach, Thailand

Railay (Thai: อ่าวไร่เลย์), also known as Rai Leh, is a large peninsula between the city of Krabi and Ao Nang in Thailand.[1] It is accessible only by boat due to high limestone cliffs cutting off mainland access. These cliffs attract rock climbers from all over the world, but the area is also popular due to its beautiful beaches and quiet relaxing atmosphere. Accommodation ranges from bungalows and medium-priced resorts in East Railay to a collection of luxury resorts focused on West Railay, though one, Rajavadee, spans both waterfronts and also has a beachfront restaurant at Ao Phra Nang. The four main areas of Railay consist of Phra Nang, West Railay, East Railay, and Ton Sai. Ton Sai caters to climbers and the backpacker set and is more rustic in character than the glitz of West Railay and the shops and restaurants of the East Railay boardwalk.
Railay beach was not severely affected by the tsunami of 26 December 2004.[citation needed]

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